Non-equilibrium conference


SISSA is hosting a conference on non-equilibrium physics in Trieste, scheduled from September 10th to September 13th, 2018.

The main goal of this conference is to bring together experts from two communities that are studying very similar problems (quenches, transport, etc.) from either the classical or quantum point of view, and which have so far proceeded, in spite of many similarities between the fields, on separate trajectories.

Preliminary list of speakers

  • Alvise Bastianello (SISSA)
  • Giuliano Benenti (Como)
  • Bruno Bertini (Ljubljana)
  • Leticia Cugliandolo (Paris VI)
  • Abhishek Dhar (Bangalore)
  • Jérôme Dubail (Nancy)
  • Maurizio Fagotti (Paris XI)
  • Laura Foini (ENS Paris)
  • Robert Konik (Brookhaven)
  • Alessio Lerose (SISSA)
  • Marko Medenjak (Ljubljana)
  • Mihail Mintchev (Pisa)
  • Keiji Saito (Keio)
  • Herbert Spohn (TUM)

Organized by

  • Pasquale Calabrese
  • Andrea Gambassi
  • Stefano Lepri
  • Roberto Livi
  • Giuseppe Mussardo
  • Stefano Ruffo
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