Current research projects

11th cycle 2016–20
Andrea Colcelli
Giuliano Giudici
Noel Lamsen
Tommaso Parolini
Gabriele Perfetto
10th cycle 2015–19
Alessio Lerose Impact of quantum fluctuations on mean-field non-equilibrium phenomena
Paolo Mazza Relaxation and transport in non-integrable many-body systems
Márton Mestyán Integrability in out-of-equilibrium quantum systems
Jacopo Sisti
Riccardo Zinati
9th cycle 2014–18
Alvise Bastianello Non-equilibrium dynamics in closed quantum systems
Estelle Inack Numerical simulations of disordered and interacting quantum systems
Alberto Pezzotta Optimal control in physics and biology
Lorenzo Piroli Non-equilibrium dynamics in isolated integrable quantum systems
Paola Ruggiero Entanglement measures in extended systems

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