Current research projects

X Cycle Students

  • Riccardo Ben Ali Zinati.
  • Alessio Lerose.
  • Paolo Pietro Mazza. Bayesian inference on spin models.
  • Marton Mestyan. Integrability in out-of-equilibrium quantum systems.
  • Jacopo Sisti.

IX Cycle Students

  • Alvise Bastianello.
  • Ryan Cubero. Statistical physics in neural coding and post-transcriptional regulation.
  • Estelle Inack. Numerical simulations of disordered and interacting quantum systems.
  • Saranyo Moitra. Periodically driven disordered systems.
  • Alberto Pezzotta. Optimal control in physics and biology
  • Lorenzo Piroli. Non-equilibrium dynamics in isolated integrable quantum systems.
  • Paola Ruggiero. Entanglement measures in extended systems.

VIII Cycle Students

  • João Barros. Quantum simulation of gauge potentials and gauge fields using ultracold atoms.
  • Gianni Mossi. Entanglement entropy in disordered systems with an application to the Adiabatic Algorithm.

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