Current research projects

11th cycle 2016–20
Andrea Colcelli
Giuliano Giudici
Noel Lamsen
Tommaso Parolini
Gabriele Perfetto
10th cycle 2015–19
Alessio Lerose Impact of quantum fluctuations on mean-field non-equilibrium phenomena
Paolo Mazza Bayesian inference on spin models
Márton Mestyán Integrability in out-of-equilibrium quantum systems
Jacopo Sisti
Riccardo Zinati
9th cycle 2014–18
Alvise Bastianello
Estelle Inack Numerical simulations of disordered and interacting quantum systems
Alberto Pezzotta Optimal control in physics and biology
Lorenzo Piroli Non-equilibrium dynamics in isolated integrable quantum systems
Paola Ruggiero Entanglement measures in extended systems

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