Statistical Field Theory

  • PI: Mussardo
Slide34An enormous progress has been recently achieved in the area of Quantum Field Theory by using ideas, techniques and inspirations coming from Statistical Physics. This is particularly true in the subject of low dimensional systems, where the combination of methods as Conformal Field Theory, Exact S-matrix, Form Factors, Spectral Series, Finite-size Effects, Bethe Ansatz, Boundary Field Theory and so on, has enable us to reach the exact solution of many important problems of statistical physics.
The research in our group focuses on several different aspects, such as:
  • Exact computation of Form Factors and correlation functions of statistical models
  • Non-integrable Quantum Field Theories
  • Semi-classical methods
  • Numerical methods concerning diagonalization of exact quantum field theory Hamiltonians
  • Supersymmetric Quantum Field Theory in Statistical Physics

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