Functional Renormalization Group

  • PI: A. Trombettoni, G. Mussardo
functionalrg Renormalization Group lies at the heart of statistical physics and Functional Renormalization Group (FRG) is a modern and powerful approach to implement it in a non-perturbative way. A remarkable advantage of FRG is given by the possibility to treat on equal foot general classes of interactions. As an example, even one of the simplest FRG approximations, the so-called Local Potential Approximation, is able to qualitatively capture the critical properties of O(N) models.

Recent work in SISSA has recently been devoted to the study of universality classes of O(N) models in presence of long-range interactions, the occurrence of the spontaneous symmetry breaking in low dimensions and the investigation of a variety of statistical mechanics models including the Potts model. Work in progress regards the investigation of critical properties of low-dimensional models and the study of parafermions & universality classes in two dimensions and their connection with Conformal Field Theory.

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