Density Matrix Renormalization Group in a nutshell

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The course aims to give a general understanding of the DMRG and TEBD methods, especially with respect to their theoretical foundation. Special attention will be paid on practical aspects of the algorithm implementation.

Main topics

  • The Density Matrix Renormalization Group (DMRG)
    • The density matrix truncation
    • Infinite-size DMRG
    • Finite-size DMRG
    • Measuring Observables
    • Why the DMRG works? Entanglement and Matrix Product State (MPS)
      • Diagrammatic representation of MPS
      • Vidal’s MPS notation
      • The adaptive time-dependent DMRG (tDMRG)
        • The Time Evolving Block Decimation (TEBD)
          • Real and imaginary time evolution

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