Time table conference 2018


You can download the conference programme in PDF format.

Speaker list
Bastianello Impurities in integrable models: late-time effects
Benenti Thermodynamic bound on heat to power conversion
Bertini Exact spectral form factor in a minimal model of many-body quantum chaos
Calabrese Non-equilibrium dynamics of isolated quantum systems
Chiocchetta Fluctuation-induced quantum Zeno effect
Cubero Form factor bootstrap on top of thermodynamic states
Cugliandolo Quantum quenches in classical models
Dhar Light-cone spreading of perturbations and the butterfly effect in classical spin chains
Dubail Hydrodynamics of 1d bosons, theory and experiment
Fagotti An introduction to generalized hydrodynamics in quantum integrable systems
Goldfriend Quasi-integrable systems: slow dynamics and fluctuations
Henkel Meta-conformal transformations in one and two spatial dimensions
Iubini Frozen dynamics in the discrete nonlinear Schrödinger equation
Konik Rare states and anomalous thermalization in the 1D and 2D quantum Ising model
Lepri Thermal transport in classical nonlinear lattices
Lerose Collective chaos and dynamical stabilization in driven long-range systems
Livi Some remarks on Lyapunov exponents
Medenjak Transport in discrete space-time models
Miao Soliton quenches in 1D attractive/repulsive nonlinear Schrödinger equation
Mintchev Microscopic features of quantum transport and entropy production
Modak Quantum adiabatic protocols using emergent local Hamiltonians
Pappalardi Scrambling and entanglement spreading in long-range spin chains
Saito Several effects induced by magnetic fields in low-dimensional heat conduction
Schiulaz Thouless and relaxation time scales in many-body quantum systems
Spohn Hydrodynamics of integrable classical and quantum systems
Tartaglia Entanglement and diagonal entropies with no pair structure
Vulpiani Langevin equation in systems with also negative temperatures
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