Time table conference 2019


Alcaraz The raise-and-peel stochastic model: a Lab to explore new physics
Bernard How to quantize the macroscopic fluctuation theory?
Bertini Dual unitary circuits: an exactly solvable paradigm of many-body quantum chaos
Cappelli Ising Conformal Theory between 2 and 4 dimensions
Cardy Giuseppe Mussardo: un uomo del Rinascimento
Castro Alvaredo Entanglement Dynamics in the Ising Field Theory
Caux The stylish wonders of integrability
Cugliandolo The classical integrable Neumann model and its Generalised Gibbs Ensemble description
Essler Integrable Lindblad Equations
Fendley New(?) Conserved Charges in Integrable Spin Chains
Fioravanti TBA for 4D Wilson loops: benefitting from a lesson by Giuseppe
Fring Goldstone bosons in different PT-regimes of non-Hermitian scalar quantum field theories
LeClair Generalized Riemann Hypothesis and stochastic time series
Morais Smith Surely you are joking, Giuseppe
Müller On the origin of quantum many body scars
Pearce T-and Y-systems for 𝓈ℓ(3) loop and vertex models
Saleur Four-Point Functions in the Percolation Problem — struggling with LCFTs
Schmiedmayer An emergent quantum simulator for the sine-Gordon model
Sierra Doing Physics with Numbers
Takács Violation of horizon after a quantum quench in the sine-Gordon model
Trombettoni Ultracold atoms in one-dimensional traps
Tsvelik Kondo effect on a pin cobbled from Majorana fermions
Viti Emptiness formation probability and the Painlevé V equation in the Ising spin chain
Zagier An eigenvalue problem related to the Schrödinger equation
Zamolodchikov Curiosities in Ising Field Theory
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