Lattice models

  • PIs: Calabrese, Gambassi
Lattice models are microscopical models that capture the essential features of interesting, physical systems. In their long wavelength behavior they are described by their corresponding field theory.

We concentrate mainly in exactly solvable models, which are mostly one-dimensional quantum or two-dimensional classical, and can be studied using Bethe Ansatz or Transfer Matrices techniques. Although these models and methods are often several decades old, in the recent years they received new attentions both because cold atoms made them experimentally relevant and because new theoretical questions arose, mostly motivated by progresses in quantum computation.

We have being calculating the entanglement entropy of several exactly solvable models in an ongoing effort to gain physical insights on novel and possibly general aspects of these models, and on the mathematical structures connected to their integrability.

On a different direction, we are also developing new hydrodynamic descriptions of microscopic models, capable of capturing their collective behavior and retain the full spectrum beyond the linear approximation of standard bosonization and Conformal Field Theory. These descriptions will help in studying large deviations from the ground state configurations that occur in several off-equilibrium experiments.

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