Transport in Classical Oscillator Ensembles

by S. Lepri (2 credits, type C)

The theoretical understanding of nonequilibrium states is mostly based on model systems. It this lectures, I will summarize what has been learnt in the last 20 years on transport for classical low-dimensional lattices, covering the effect of disorder, anomalous transport and integrability.

  • Introduction: motivations and applications
  • Main models: array of coupled nonlinear oscillators
  • Simulation methods for transport properties: equilibrium and non-equilibrium
  • Harmonic lattices: the RLL model
  • Effect of disorder
  • Anomalous transport: phenomenology
  • Universality and theoretical approaches
  • Exactly solvable models for anomalous transport
  • Trasport in integrable and quasi-integrable lattices
  • Applications and experiments: nanophononics and micromagnetics

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