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Title Equilibrium properties of confined Riesz gas
Speaker Jitendra Kethepalli (ICTS, Bangalore)
Date&time 📅 Thursday, June 20
🕓 11.00 (Rome)
Location Room 138 (SISSA, via Bonomea)
Abstract Statistical physics has emerged as a powerful tool for studying many-particle interacting systems. These interactions can be mainly categorized as short-range (SR) and long-range (LR) interactions. While the equilibrium properties of the SR systems are well understood, LR systems remain less explored. The 1d Riesz gas model where the particles interact via power-law potential provides a natural setting to study the properties of SR and LR systems. We discuss how the low-temperature equilibrium properties of coarse-grained quantities behave as the interactions are modified from short-range to long-range. Specifically, we focus on density profiles, edge particle statistics, gap statistics and Index distribution. Furthermore, we compute the pressure and the bulk modulus for SR case of the Riesz gas.
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