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Title Measurements of many-body quantum chaos
Speaker Lata Kharkwal Joshi (SISSA)
Date&time 📅 Tuesday, November 28
🕓 11:00 AM (Rome)
Location room 138 (SISSA, via Bonomea)
Abstract I will present recent works on measurement protocols for two probes of many-body quantum chaos; (i) The spectral form factor (SFF) and (ii) Out of time ordered correlators (OTOC). SFF characterizes statistics of energy eigenvalues, making it a key diagnostic of many-body quantum chaos. In addition, partial spectral form factors (PSFFs) can be defined which refer to subsystems of the many-body system. They provide unique insights into energy eigenstate statistics of many-body systems. We propose a protocol that allows the measurement of the SFF and pSFFs in quantum many-body spin models, within the framework of randomized measurements. For measurements of OTOCs, we utilize properties of thermo field double states. In both the cases, experimental results will be presented.
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