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Title Many-body physics with trapped ions
Speaker Manoj K Joshi (Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information, Innsbruck)
Date&time 📅 Tuesday, March 5
🕓 11:00 (Rome)
Location room 128 (SISSA, via Bonomea)
Abstract Trapped ion systems are among the promising platforms for quantum computation, simulation, precision measurements, and quantum networks. In such systems, one can achieve a high level of control which is essential for solving hard-to-compute physics problems with very high accuracy. In particular, quantum simulation of complex physics models is one of the direct applications of such systems [1,2,3]. With the combination of single and two-qubit gates, we can implement a variety of Hamiltonians and simulate the time dynamics of a desired initial state. In this seminar, I will present technicalities of trapped ion simulators and discuss quantum simulation results obtained by direct implementation of XY interactions [2], Floquet engineering [4] and via application of variational methods [5,6]. I will present experimental results on the characterization of entanglement via randomized measurements for various applications recently demonstrated in our platform.

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[3] Joshi et al. “Quantum information scrambling in a trapped-ion quantum simulator with tunable range interactions.” Physical Review Letters 124.24 (2020): 240505.
[4] Kranzl et al. “Experimental observation of thermalization with noncommuting charges.” PRX Quantum 4.2 (2023): 020318.
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[6] Joshi et al. “Exploring Large-Scale Entanglement in Quantum Simulation.” Nature 624, 539–544 (2023).

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