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Title Entanglement spreading after local and extended excitations
Speaker Viktor Eisler (TU-Graz)
Date&time 📅 January 25
🕓 11.00 (rome)
Location Virtually
Abstract The time evolution of entanglement in nonequilibrium quantum many-body systems provides a lot of information about the underlying dynamics. Among others, studies of entanglement spreading from highly excited initial states of integrable systems have contributed a lot to our understanding of quasiparticle dynamics. In this talk I will consider the case of low energy excitations above the ground state, created by a local operator,and show that the growth of entanglement can still be characterized by a quasiparticle picture. The case of extended excitations will also be discussed, which interpolates between local and global quench scenarios.
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Title Adiabatic eigenstate deformations: A probe for quantum chaos
Speaker Rajat Kumar Panda
Date&time 📅 July 8
🕓 14.30
Abstract Quantum chaos is essential for the emergence of statistical mechanics and thermodynamics. It manifests itself in the effective description of the eigenstates of chaotic Hamiltonians through random matrix ensembles and the eigenstate thermalization hypothesis. Standard measures of chaos in quantum many-body systems are level statistics and the spectral form factor. In this seminar, following the paper [PhysRevX.10.041017], we will see how the norm of the adiabatic gauge potential, the generator of adiabatic deformations between eigenstates, serves as a measure of quantum chaos. Using two generic classes of spin chains, I will compare the sensitivity of different probing methods.
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