Current research projects

12th cycle 2017–21
Riccarda Bonsignori Entanglement and symmetries in extended systems
Giuseppe Di Giulio Entanglement hamiltonians in extended quantum systems
Eduardo Gonzalez Lazo Strongly correlated quantum gases and weak lattices
Gianluca Lagnese Non-equilibrium dynamics of one-dimensional quantum systems
Vanja Maric Novel Characterization of Complex Quantum Systems
Gennaro Tucci
Xhek Turkeshi Entanglement in Strongly-Correlated Quantum Matter
11th cycle 2016–20
Andrea Colcelli Equilibrium properties of Low-Dimensional Quantum Gases
Giuliano Giudici Entanglement in many-body quantum systems
Noel Lamsen Criticality and universality in quenched disordered systems
Tommaso Parolini The role of localization in many-body quantum systems
Gabriele Perfetto Large deviations of low dimensional quantum systems out of equilibrium
10th cycle 2015–19
Alessio Lerose Impact of quantum fluctuations on mean-field non-equilibrium phenomena
Paolo Mazza Relaxation and transport in non-integrable many-body systems
Márton Mestyán Integrability in out-of-equilibrium quantum systems
Jacopo Sisti Entanglement entropy in field theory and holography
Riccardo Ben Alì Zinati Universality, phase transitions and scaling in systems at and out of equilibrium
9th cycle 2014–18
Paola Ruggiero Entanglement measures in extended systems

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