Current research projects

16th cycle 2021–25
Michele Fossati Entanglement in quantum many-body systems
Francesco Gentile Holographic entanglement and bit threads
Cristiano Muzzi Out-of-equilibrium dynamics and quantum information of long-range interacting systems
15th cycle 2020–24
Francesco Codagnone The call of Quantum Integrability for Cold Atoms
Federico Rottoli Entanglement in Many Body Theories
Elaheh Saadat The meta-Stable States and their Life-Time in Long-Range Interacting Systems
Andrea Solfanelli Quantum technologies with non-local couplings
Poetri Tarabunga Entanglement and strongly correlated states in quantum simulators
Carlo Vanoni Ergodicity Breaking in Many Body Quantum Systems
14th cycle 2019–23
Marianna Sorba Critical phenomena and interfaces
Davide Venturelli Stochastic dynamics of soft and active matter systems
Rajat Kumar Panda Dynamics of disordered quantum systems
Lorenzo Correale Thermalization in out of equilibrium quantum systems
Luca Capizzi Entanglement in many-body system
Francesco Andreucci Transport properties of long-range interacting systems
13th cycle 2018–22
Alessandro Galvani Critical behavior of bounded systems
Federico Balducci Low-temperature properties of structural mean-field glasses
Guido Giachetti Long-range interactions in equilibrium and non-equilibrium statistical physics and quantum thermodynamics
Youness Diouane Critical phenomena using field theory approach, exact results
Pierpaolo Fontana Mean-field analysis of lattice gauge theories
Sara Murciano Entanglement in quantum many-body systems
12th cycle 2017–21
Riccarda Bonsignori Entanglement and symmetries in extended systems
Giuseppe Di Giulio Entanglement hamiltonians in extended quantum systems
Eduardo Gonzalez Lazo Strongly correlated quantum gases and weak lattices
Gianluca Lagnese Non-equilibrium dynamics of one-dimensional quantum systems
Vanja Maric Novel Characterization of Complex Quantum Systems
Gennaro Tucci Application of stochastic processes to non-equilibrium classical and quantum systems
Xhek Turkeshi Entanglement in Strongly-Correlated Quantum Matter

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