Qualifying seminars

📅 April 7, 2021
Francesco Andreucci Transport properties of long-range systems
Luca Capizzi Symmetry resolved entanglement in quantum field theory
Rajat Kumar Panda The study of Thouless time and spin transport in disordered non-abelian spin chains
📅 April 9, 2021
Lorenzo Correale Dynamical phase transitions in a quantum p-spin model
Marianna Sorba Field theory of interfaces
Davide Venturelli Dynamics of probe particles in fluctuating fields
📅 April 16, 2020
Pierpaolo Fontana Mean field analysis of gauge theories
Youness Diouane The RP(N-1) model
Federico Balducci On low-T anomalies in structural glasses
Alessandro Galvani Bounded systems at criticality
Guido Giachetti Thermodynamics of long-range systems
Sara Murciano Entanglement properties of systems with internal symmetries
📅 April 12, 2019
Giuseppe Di Giulio Entanglement Hamiltonian and contour after a global quantum quench
Gennaro Tucci Stochastic approach to quantum and classical systems
Vanja Maric Frustrated Quantum 1D Systems
Xhek Turkeshi
Riccarda Bonsignori Symmetry resolved entanglement entropy in CFT and Spin Chains
Eduardo Gonzalez Correlated quantum gases and weak lattices study
Gianluca Lagnese
📅 April 6, 2018
Tommaso Parolini Quantum speedup and dynamical transitions
Giuliano Giudici Ground state entanglement on the lattice from Lorentz invariant QFTs
Noel Lamsen Exact results for O(N) models with quenched disorder
Andrea Colcelli Deviations from off-diagonal long range order and mesoscopic condensation in 1D quantum systems
Gabriele Perfetto Transport and large deviations in isolated (free) quantum systems
📅 March 6, 2017
Riccardo Zinati Universality in discrete symmetry groups and perspectives on the out-of-equilibrium realm
Alessio Lerose Dynamical phase transitions in quantum spin systems beyond mean-field
Márton Mestyán Integrability in out-of-equilibrium quantum systems
Jacopo Sisti On holographic entanglement entropy of AdS(4)/BCFT(3)
Paolo Mazza Bayesian inference on spin models
📅 March 16, 2016
Estelle Inack Simulated quantum annealing implemented via a projective Quantum Monte Carlo Method (QMC)
Saranyo Moitra
Alberto Pezzotta Optimal control approach to physics and biology
📅 March 15, 2016
Alvise Bastianello
Lorenzo Piroli Non-equilibrium dynamics in quantum integrable systems
Paola Ruggiero Entanglement measures in extended quantum systems
📅 March 6, 2014
Valentina Ros Local conserved quantities in the many-body localized phase
Thuong Nguyen Magneto-oscillations of the mobility edge in Coulomb-frustrated bosons and fermions
Alessio Chiocchetta Keldysh and microreversibility
Valerio Volpati Wealth distributions, criticality and deviations
📅 March 5, 2013
Andrea Coser Entanglement Entropies and Spin Structures
Francesca Pietracaprina Many body localization and quasidisordered systems
Mauro Schiulaz Looking for localization without explicit disorder
Alessio Squarcini Phase Separation and Interfaces in Two Dimensions: Exact Results from Field Theory
📅 April 2, 2012
Pierangelo Lombardo Stochastic processes in population genetics
Giuseppe Menegoz Interaction Quenches in 1D Bose Systems
Pietro Smacchia Controlled dynamics of quantum many-body systems
📅 March 8, 2011
Marco Beria Quenches and thermalization of holographic superconductors
Luca Caniparoli Fisher information and unsupervised data clustering
Giancarlo De Luca Network dynamics and collective memory in ecological problems
Matteo Marcuzzi Non equilibrium phenomena at boundaries
Jamir Marino Echoes, Thermalization and many body localization
📅 February 26, 2010
Francesco Buccheri Massive Integrable Field Theories
Andrea De Luca Boundary Quench and topological phase transition
Laura Foini Quantum Glasses
Francesco Mancarella Thermodynamics of anyon gas and generalizations
Iacopo Mastromatteo High frequency features of financial markets
Jacopo Viti Application of Field Theory to two dimension percolation
Xiao Quan Yu Superglass: when disorder meets quantum
📅 February 13, 2009
Michele Burrello Anyons and Cold Atoms
Giuseppe Brandino Perturbed CFT: Integrability, non-integrability and the level spacing conjecture
Tommaso Macrì Cold Atom Fermi Systems
Giacomo Gori Dipolar interaction: general concepts and application to cold atoms
Davide Fioretto Quantum Quenches in Integrable Systems
📅 March 17, 2008
Fabio Caccioli Ising model with memory: coarsening properties
Daniele De Martino The role of volatility in the evolution of social networks and a minimal model for congestion in informational networks
Luca Lepori Study of non-integrable deformations of 2-D tricritical Ising model
📅 January 25, 2008
Raffaello Potestio Optimal Identification of Domains and Hinges in Proteins
Serena Bradde The Isomorphism Problem: A Belief Propagation Approach
Elena Canovi Adiabatic Quantum Computation

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