Cold atoms

  • PI: A. Trombettoni, G. Mussardo, M. Dalmonte
ultracoldatoms Ultracold atomic systems nowadays provide a standard platform to perform quantum simulations and to implement a new class of quantum devices. The tools available in current experiments allow for the emulation of several classes of model Hamiltonians, including 1D interacting systems (in primis the Lieb-Liniger model), lattice Hamiltonians such as the Fermi- and the Bose-Hubbard models, and BCS superfluidity. The ultimate frontiers of the field, that has literally gone through an explosion in the recent years, still remain to be seen, not mentioning all their numerous potential applications, like atom lasers or atom chips.

Work in progress in SISSA regards the study of the quantum correlations and dynamics of one-dimensional ultracold gases. The dynamics of ultracold atoms in low dimensions is also investgated in connection to the realization of ultracold interferometers. The study of equilibrium and dynamical properties of ultracold fermions in optical lattices is also the subject of current work, with the final goal of characterizing the properties of ultracold fermionic Josephson junctions.

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