Entanglement Entropy and Quantum Field Theories

by P. Calabrese (5 credits, type A)

Main topics

  • Entanglement entropy in many-body quantum systems
  • Path integral formulation of entanglement entropy: replicas, Riemann surfaces, twist fields
  • Entanglement entropy in conformal field theory
  • Entanglement entropy in non-critical 1+1-dimensional models
  • Entanglement entropy of free fermionic models
  • Non equilibrium dynamics of isolated quantum systems
  • Entanglement entropy after a quantum quench in a CFT
  • Entanglement evolution in integrable models
  • Other entanglement measures: entanglement spectrum and negativity
  • Path integral formulation of entanglement negativity

Main Reference: the review http://arxiv.org/pdf/0905.4013.pdf
Other secondary references will be given during the course

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of CFT and QFT

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