Past theses

9th cycle 2014–18
Alberto Pezzotta Optimal search processes in physics and biology
Alvise Bastianello Aspects of quantum integrability: non-equilibrium dynamics, defects and hydrodynamics
Estelle Inack Simulating quantum annealing via projective quantum Monte Carlo algorithms
Lorenzo Piroli Nonequilibrium Quantum States of Matter
8th cycle 2013–17
João Barros Field and Gauge Theories with Ultracold Gauge Potentials and Fields
Gianni Mossi The Transverse-Field Ising Spin Glass Model on the Bethe Lattice with an Application to Adiabatic Quantum Computing
7th cycle 2012–16
Alessio Chiocchetta A study on non-equilibrium dynamics in isolated and open quantum systems
Cristiano De Nobili On entanglement negativity in 1+1 and 2+1 dimensional quantum systems
Thuong Nguyen Magneto-transport and localization in disordered systems with local superconductive attraction
Valentina Ros Aspects of localization in disordered many-body quantum systems
Valerio Volpati Statistical Mechanics approach to the sustainability of economic ecosystems
6th cycle 2011–15
Andrea Coser Aspects of entanglement negativity in one dimensional critical systems
Francesca Pietracaprina Investigating localization transitions with the forward approximation
Mauro Schiulaz Ideal quantum glass transition: many-body localization without quenched disorder?
Alessio Squarcini Phase separation and interfaces — exact results
5th cycle 2010–14
Pierangelo Lombardo Fluctuations effects in population genetics and in protein translation
Giuseppe Menegoz Prethermalization after a sudden quench in a weakly interacting Bose gas
Pietro Smacchia Out of equilibrium many-body systems: adiabaticity, statistics of observables and dynamical phase transitions
4th cycle 2009–13
Marco Beria Numerical methods for quantum systems with infinite-dimensional space of states: two examples, two approaches
Luca Caniparoli Statistical physics approaches to protein translation
Giancarlo De Luca Decision Making in Complex Environments: an adaptive network approach
Matteo Marcuzzi Non equilibrium phenomena at boundaries
Jamir Marino Pre-Thermalization in Quantum Spin Chains
3rd cycle 2008–12
Francesco Buccheri Matrix elements from algebraic Bethe anzatz: novel applications in statistical physics
Andrea De Luca Entanglement and localization in low-dimensional quantum systems
Laura Foini Quantum optimization problems and glassy systems
Francesco Mancarella Some Aspects of Anyon Thermodynamics and Chern–Simons Theory
Iacopo Mastromatteo On the typical properties of inverse problems in statistical mechanics
Jacopo Viti Universal properties of two dimensional percolation
Xiao Quan Yu Superfluidity and localization in Bosonic glasses
2nd cycle 2007–11
Giuseppe Brandino Perturbed CFT: Integrability, non-integrability and the level spacing conjecture
Michele Burrello Topological Quantum Computation, Anyons and non-Abelian Gauge Potentials
Davide Fioretto Integrability and Out of Equilibrium Quantum Dynamics
Giacomo Gori Dipolar interaction: general concepts and application to cold atoms
Tommaso Macrì Cold Atom Fermi Systems
1st cycle 2006–10
Serena Bradde The Isomorphism Problem: A Belief Propagation Approach
Fabio Caccioli Financial markets as disordered interacting systems: information, risk and illiquidity
Elena Canovi Quench dynamics of many-body systems
Daniele De Martino Phase transistions on heterogeneous random graphs: some case studies
Luca Lepori QFT emerging models in condensed matter systems

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